USBFlashCopy Automatically Copies Data From Your USB Drive To a Custom Folder

If you are the person who performs a lot of copy paste operations, to and fro from your USB drive to your computer’s hard disk – you are going to love this free little tool called USBFlashCopy.

The program lets you automatically copy all the data from your USB drive or any other drive letter to a folder in your computer, whenever you insert a removable drive in your system.

For example: I have two computers at work which are not connected via a local area network connection. Hence, I use a 8GB USB drive to move files from my laptop to the desktop, several times a day. The process is painful – insert the USB drive, open “My Computer”, navigate to the USB drive, select all files, Control + C, navigate to the target folder and then paste them. Too much monotonous steps !

At the end of the day, I need a simple program which can automatically copy all the contents to a custom folder in my desktop, whenever I insert a USB drive to my computer. Following are the steps involved to use USB FlashCopy

1. After you have downloaded USBFlashCopy, run the executable and double click the system tray icon. The program needs no installation.

2. Choose “Run on windows startup” >”For all user” option.This is useful because you don’t have to search for the executable whenever you want to auto copy all the data from the removable drive.

3. Click the “media files” option to reveal the settings of USBFlashCopy.

4. Now you have to select the drive path or drive letter in which the automatic copy job will start. Select the desired drive letter and choose “skip” for the other drive letters that are assigned to your hard disk partitions.

5. Hit the “OK” button and you are done with the settings.

Now you need to save the current settings to a configuration file, insert the thumb drive and the program will throw in an options window as shown below:

Click the “New profile ” option and choose the correct destination path of the custom folder in the next window, as shown underneath:

All done, now all you have to do is insert the USB stick and wait for USBFlashCopy to do it’s job.   Whenever your system detects a removable storage, USBFlashCopy will automatically copy all the data to the custom folder defined earlier. You will see the following pop up window near windows system tray:

Techie Buzz Verdict

Awesome ! At least saves a lot of time when you do a lot of copy paste operations from one computer to another.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

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