USB Write Protector Shields Your USB Flash Drives From Viruses

USB drives are probably the easiest and lightest way to move with your data from one place to another, but do allow the PCs you plug your drive into have good anti virus protection? Chances are that your tiny USB drive has become a haven for viruses and can infect any PC including your own.

USB Write Protector is a tiny portable software that shields your USB drive from pesky viruses and trojans by disabling the write functionality. This could be pretty useful when you want to only read data from the USB drive on public computers.


USB Write Protector is free to use and available in multiple languages including English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish among others. The software is only 187Kb in size and can be easily stored in your portable USB/Flash Drive.

Download USB Write Protector [via Life Rocks]

7 thoughts on “USB Write Protector Shields Your USB Flash Drives From Viruses”

  1. great piece of software this. unfortunately, over here, our internet cafes tend to be plagued with viruses and trojans. so sometimes, when i need to print a file in one of these places, i do so knowing there’ll be a mess to clean up after. now, i have another choice.

  2. If you must insert your USB drive, THEN run this software, on EACH computer you plug the USB into, then you could already be infected BEFORE you can run the prog, I didn't investigate how this program does its thing, but ANY software-based write-protect is bound to fail.

    I have a microSD card, with an SD adapter & a USB SD reader, the SD adapter has a write-protect slide switch…THAT is a REAL hardware-based write-protect…if you want to write-protect your USB, look for the hardware slide switch BEFORE buying one…

    Um post?

    1. I don't think you have to run the software on every computer, unless you want to unlock the drive, so as long as it is locked, you should be protected. I realise it's not as good as a physical switch, but very few USB drives seem to have this now, although it used to be standard a few years ago. Progress, eh?

      1. I've tried to lock it from my laptop and it works okay on my laptop but when I plugged my flash disk to other laptops or pc it was not protected at all. How come? Should we do the locking at each computer? Thanks

        1. Hi John, I downloaded this app a couple of days ago. Had high hopes as I have been searching for this type of software for sometime. In actual fact it is not the flashdrive being write protected but the usb ports on your computer. You have to run the app on all computers as you suggested. You will also find any usb storage devices you plug in after running the software will be write protected as well on a computer or computers you have enabled the write protection function. Furthermore any permanently attached usb storage devices such as external hard drives will also be write protected. I like yourself was hoping the flashdrive would be protected on all computers it was plugged into but the computer does the write protecting & not the flashdrive. Hope this clears up your concerns if you haven’t already worked it out.

  3. i have a question their any possibility to fix my usb if all my files was infected by virus and all my files was turned shortcut format?do you have any advise or software that can help my problem?thanx

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