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I recently reinstalled a copy of the regular Google Chrome browser after getting rid of my dev channel version. I also had to re-install my favorite Chrome Extensions once again. I decided to check out the most recent WOT (Web of Trust) extension, just so I wouldn’t accidently advise anyone to go to a bad website. While looking around, I found a new extension that you may like.

The Ultimate Chrome Flag extension gives you instant safety and web site information on the pages in your browser. The types of information that are displayed:

• Website country location
• Google Page Rank
• Alexa Page Rank
• Google Trends
• McAfee Site Advisor ratings
• WOT safety ratings

After installing this extension, you’ll see a new icon at the very end of the address bar in your browser. By default, the icon displays a country flag and a WOT rating (red, yellow, green) for safety. All you have to do to get information on a site is to click on the icon. Here’s what you’ll see at a bad website:


Always keep your eyes open for the red dot on the country flag. As shown here, this site can’t be trusted. You can find out a great deal more in each category by clicking on the blue text in the pop-up.

Just for contrast, I’ll show you the information for a good website. Do you see how the dot on the flag is green instead of red?


There are a some very nice options that let you change the information displayed and the icon displayed. Here’s a screenshot of the settings page:


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Note: For those using Firefox, a similar addon called FlagFox is available.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

If you are using the Chrome web browser, and you’d like more information about sites you aren’t familiar with, this is an awesome tool. The Ultimate Chrome Flag extension is definitely going to be one of my favorite extensions. Maybe it will be one of yours now.


Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

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