Two Finger TouchPad Scroll for Windows

Two Finger Scroll[Windows Only] Two Finger Scroll is a tiny application that enables multi-touch scrolling with your laptop touchpad. Multiple gestures are supported on Mac and latest touchpad releases. However it was absent for Windows users with outdated laptops. Using this application will let them experience the ease of scrolling.

How to Use it

1. Download the zip pack and unzip it to the Program Files folder within your system partition.

2. There is no need for installation. Start the program right away. You may be asked to restart the system.

(NOTE: Try starting the program, by using “Run as Administrator”)

Configure Two Finger Scroll for Windows

3. Once it is started right click the notification area icon and choose Settings. Configure the tool to suit your needs.

Multi-Touch Gestures:

Currently the tool supports multi-touch gestures like two-finger scroll and two-finger tapping. Scrolling with two finger is fast and smooth. Compatible scrolling can be configured for specific programs by scrolling within them with the SHIFT, CTRL and ALT keys pressed. The combination is remembered for later uses. The tool do not support other popular multi-touch gestures like pinching, swiping or rotating.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

Installing the tool will let you scroll using two fingers on the main touchpad which saves time wasted while using the conventional side scroll. This was something many Windows users with old laptops were deprived of. Unfortunately the tool has several errors and makes it unusable for many. Luckily it worked for me but that’s just me. On an ending note, I recommend this tool for faster browsing and scrolling tasks. However, it won’t be a perfect program unless it fixes the issues with it.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Trubleshoot: If you face any problem while using the tool look out for solutions here.

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