Twitter Revamps: Advertising, Redesigns Following and Follower Lists & More

has revamped and rolled out several changes, including ability to direct message followers and also new design changes to the followers and following list making it a bit more useful that it was earlier.

In addition to that looks like twitter is finally making some money out of the billions of pageviews they get, here are some of the changes that we came across.

Design Changes To Followers & Following List

The new design includes much more useful information that can make following new users that more easier. The new interface shows the users handle, along with their name and location and their last tweet.


You can also switch the views to list view to hide the extra details while viewing your followers or the people you are following.


More Options While Browsing Followers and Following List

In addition to that there are also some new buttons that allow you to perform several actions like replying to the user, sending them a direct message and blocking them.


Direct Message Followers Without Following Them Back

However a surprising thing old thing which was available for a month, is that twitter now allows users to send direct messages to people who follow you, but are not in turn following back, earlier direct messages could only be sent to mutual friends (people who followed someone and were followed back)

Definitive Revenue Source

Twitter is finally making some money, and the source is not a surprise, they are now using the definitions they show on pages, to advertise sponsored listings.


These are most of the changes we saw in the new revamp? Did you see any other thing we missed? What do you think about the new changes, do you like it or do you hate it? Let us know about it.

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