TweetOBox : A New Twitter Client Meant For Windows Desktop

tweetobox-logo [Windows Only] TweetOBox is a new generation Twitter desktop client for Windows users. The tool offers a nice interface to try if you are bored with the most popular Adobe AIR based Twitter tools. The app lets you do all the common tasks related to Twitter which includes tweeting your updates(with links and pictures), replying or retweeting any tweet, sending direct message to anyone. In addition to these you can also filter your twitter stream choosing any location or people.


Click the Tweetbutton at the top to post your tweet. Each tweet on your home screen offers various options like reply, retweet, direct message, favorite, delete, add to list and many more.


[Download TweetOBox]

Techie-Buzz Verdict :

The tool is in beta stage and hence there are lots of bugs which need to be taken care of. The tool is pretty solid but as it is new the plug-in support is not that many to choose from. The app froze on me couple of times while using it on my laptop. The app is yet to fulfill its promises but I am sure it will do so in the future releases.

Techie Buzz Rating : 3/5 (Good)

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