Trigger Automatic Backups On Application Closure with TAME [Backup Utility]
By on June 27th, 2008

Backing up files is a very important process of securing your data and many of you may already have scheduled backups to occur at a certain time, but what if something goes wrong right after a application closes? You may probably lose important settings and logs which you may have scheduled to backup at a later date.

TAME is a software which allows you to trigger backups when a application closes, backing up the folder you choose to. The TAME engine monitors the application and triggers the backup action when you close the application.

A good example for this can be derived for the Instant messaging applications which store your chat archives on your PC, if something goes wrong with the application your chat history may disappear or be deleted. You could use TAME with practically any software.

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We put TAME to good use by setting it up to watch Windows Live Writer and have it trigger a backup of our drafts folder to another location when WLW is closed.


Using TAME to ensure your backups are centralized

We always like to put a application to good use and TAME definitely fits in our workflow of centralizing backups of ever changing files and folders.

To make our backups more easier we setup TAME to backup all the files to a centralized folder on our second drive and then setup our main backup program to read files from there and backup it up to a remote location at around midnight. This allows us to backup files securely without having to watch multiple files and folders.

Hope this tip will make your life much more easier while backing up files and folders.


TAME is a real handy utility as it automatically backups all your files and settings without you having to worry about it. On the other hand we were a bit disappointed that it did not have a incremental backup feature where only those files that were updated would be backed up.

TAME creates new folders every time a application is closed thus overwhelming you with a number of backup folders if you start and close the application number of times. Well as for us we usually close most of the applications only once a day by hiding the main application window in the system tray so that it does not obstruct any other applications.

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TAME can also be used to setup timed backups where files and folders will be backed up at a given time.

System Requirements

  • .NET Framework 2.0 or Higher

Download TAME

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