Transform Windows XP To Look Like Windows 7

Microsoft operating systems have made several transitions in the looks and feels department over the years, and they always make people want to have the same look and feel for their old OS without the need to upgrade their entire system.


In the past we have tried to take care of these needs by telling users how to make their PC look like , however times have changed and it is that is ruling the roost today.

So what better way than have your Windows XP OS transformed to look like Windows 7, albeit without the costly upgrades.


The steps to transform Windows XP to look like Windows 7, you simply need to download Seven Remix XP and install it. This application improves the GUI of Windows XP and will enhance the icons, images, animations and other goodies that are present in the Windows 7 OS.

However applying this enhancement will not add the features from Windows 7 to Windows XP.

Looking for other Windows XP enhancements, take a look at our earlier guides.

Download Seven Remix XP [via Life Rocks]

2 thoughts on “Transform Windows XP To Look Like Windows 7”

  1. Nice to fiddle with the look and feel of an old favourite, what a pity the functionality of Windows 7 won’t be there though. I saw a brilliant example earlier, with an iPhone theme for a Blackberry.

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