Track Your Internet Traffic With Bandwidth Monitor
By on August 31st, 2009

Bandwidth Monitor is a small utility that can track your internet traffic. This program is quite useful if you are using a limited data plan from your Internet Service Provider.

Bandwidth Monitor

The purpose of this program is to simply log the amount of internet traffic being sent and received. The program will display the amount of traffic that has passed since your currentconnection  was established and add the amount of traffic onto the all time total.

To ensure the amount of traffic passing through your connection is logged, this program will load when Windows starts. You can prevent this by deleting the shortcut placed in your Startup folder on your Start Menu.

The counters can be reset by right clicking on the icon placed in the system tray.

This program was created with Visual Basic 2008 and requires Microsoft .NET framework 3.5.

[ Download Bandwidth Monitor ]

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  • Suraj jain

    M unable to download the software .. the link u provided takes me to this = 404

    Any idea : does this software includes network (LAN) traffic while calculating the bandwidth .. If it does then i guess its of hardly any use to me alteast .. coz we have few comps connected on LAN

  • suresh jain

    What is needed is a bandwidth meter with ability to exclude certain timings from the metering process.Shaplus bandwidth meter is there but is either buggy or not adequately supported in firefox latest versions.Any suggestions?

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