Track FIFA 2010 World Cup Through Excel Template

FIFA 2010 is less than a month away and fans would be waiting for the tournament to kick off. Tracking the matches and standing could be quite a task, however, thanks to a new excel template released by Microsoft, tracking matches and standings in FIFA 2010 could become a piece of cake.


The FIFA 2010 World Cup tracker Excel template has listings for the Group stage and Group standings, along with the Knockout stage standings. You can also filter the matches to highlight the matches of your favorite team.

In addition to that you can just add the details of the match winners in the provided boxes, this will in turn automatically update the group standings.

You can download the FIFA 2010 World Cup tracker Excel template at this URL. Thanks for the tip Amit.

One thought on “Track FIFA 2010 World Cup Through Excel Template”

  1. Hey! thx a lot for the excel spreadsheet – thats really handy. My son willalso really go for this…thanks a lot Geoffrey in Jakarta

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