Freeware Fridays | Top Tools Of the Week #1

1. ComparePSD

A great tool to compare a Photoshop document with respect to its layers and effects. You can compare two versions of the same Photoshop project with any set of layers or effects. This helps you choose the set of image attributes that render best output image.

2. Double Driver

A freeware driver backup solution to save your drivers for future use. The backup proves helpful in cases where any of your hardware is not working and you do not have the proper driver to fix it. Use the tool to backup your installed drivers after a successful operating system installation with all the hardware properly working.

3. Geosense

Get free GPS navigation on your laptop. This app is developed taking advantage of a built-in location sensing API in Windows 7.

4. SoftMaker Office 2010

An excellent alternative to MS Office Suite. Though this is not a free tool but its worth spending money for. A free beta version is also in place for the Linux users.

5. TidyStartMenu

Give your Start Menu a more organized and clean look. After prolonged use the start menu gets cluttered with loads of items which sometimes makes it quite annoying while looking for anything. This tiny program comes handy for organizing those items and making every item in it much easily accessible.

6. Windows Right Click

This is a nice freeware tool to extend the functionality of Windows right click. The right click button is the most used button while using the computer after left click. This tool has the ability to append most used shortcuts to tasks like copy to, open control panel etc to the right click context menu thereby making your time more productive.

7. Saurabhorange Logon Screen Changer 0.4

Try this nice little utility to change the background of the Windows logon screen. The tool is pretty basic and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you like to change the background screen for Windows 7 only you can try Logon Changer for Windows 7.

8. Free Registry Cleaner for Windows 7

This is a light-weight tool that scans your Windows 7 registry and fixes errors in it.

9. Windows Post-Install Wizard

Whenever we need to re-install Windows, we have to use lot of CDs. Most of them for the applications and drivers that needs to be installed after Windows has been installed. If you are willing to create a single disc with applications and tweaks of your choice already embedded in it Windows Post-Install Wizard is the tool for you. The disc created using the tool comes with an option to select from the list of applications and tweaks after Windows has been installed and this option is often called Post Installation Wizard.

10. Gmail Growl

This is a free tool to get nice looking Gmail updates on Windows 7. Though there are some minor annoyances in this free tool I liked it very much as the updates were real-time and shown right on the tool’s Windows 7 taskbar icon. You can also compose mails using this utility.

That is all for this week. Please share with us if you have come across some great tools that were released or updated during this week.

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