Top Free Utilities To Rename Multiple Files
By on January 19th, 2008

Renaming multiple files is quite a pain and many a times you waste a lot of time on it. You may have taken tons of pictures with your digital camera and want to rename all the files for a collection, think how much time it would take to rename the 100 pictures you have taken.

To save you time and efforts there are tons of Multiple / Batch File Renaming Utilities. Here are few of the best file renaming utilities which are free to use.

Den4b Renamer

ReNamer is a very powerful and flexible file renaming tool, which offers all the standard renaming procedures, including prefixes, suffixes, replacements, case changes, as well as removing contents of brackets, adding number sequences, changing file extensions, etc.

File Size: 1217 Kb

More Info | Download

Cerebral Synergy Batch File Renamer

Batch renames files or folders in a selected directory. File names can be completely changed (incremental number, rename with meta variables), or edited (e.g. change case, prefixed, remove spaces etc.). Can recurse directories, and insert Meta variables like file size, various dates/times and mp3 information (ID3v1 tags, ID3v2 tags and mp3 header information). Useful for making files Internet ready, cleaning mp3 filenames etc.

File Size: 314.45 Kb

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All File Renamer

All File Renamer allows you to rename all files in a folder and subfolders, you can also sort the files and move then into different folders based on their extensions.

It gives you options to change the case, delete symbols, replace from right or left, add to right or left.

File Size: 348 Kb

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PFrank (Peter’s Flexible RenAmiNg Kit)

PFrank comes equipped with many features, some of which you won’t find on any other renaming program. The beauty of this tool is it’s flexibility. You can easily build any renaming command sequence you like and preview all of the results before you can actually rename the files.

File Size: 4556 Kb

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Namexif (Rename EXIF Photos)

Namexif is a tool to automatically rename photos with the date they were shot. Digital cameras have their own clock and record the date to each photos with a precision of a second. Since the date and time is recorded for each photos.

Namexif will only work on images captured using EXIF compliant cameras.

File Size: 671 Kb

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Bulk Rename Utility

Bulk Rename is a utility which allows the rapid renaming of files and folders, based upon flexible selection criteria.

File Size: Variable

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Other Multiple / Batch File Renaming Utilities

PublicWare File Renamer - More Info | Download

Name It Your Way - More Info | Download

If you make use of any other file renaming utilities please feel free to share it with us using the comments form.

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  • Ashfame

    The only thing I need to rename is image files and that I can do in windows XP itself. Just select them all and hit F2 or rename. Give a name and its done. But yes for more customized names, you will need applications like mentioned in the post. Just my opinion :D

    • Bo

      What a useless comment!

  • Avatar667

    I use Flash Renamer (
    It’s an excellent file renamer, only drawback that it is a paid software.

  • Avatar667

    I use Flash Renamer
    It’s an excellent file renamer, the only drawback is that shareware.

  • Avatar667

    I use Flash Rename.

  • Alfred

    Really nice list, found some useful features I didnt have on the one I was using. Thanks Keith

  • Magie

    Thank you for writing. I think I should have one of above application. I have the problem every time I save my photo from my camera. SO, those are the solution. Moreover, they are free :)

  • Kevin

    Thanks for this list of some great tools, but there is another nice, free renaming utility: File Renamer Basic (yes, there is a paid version with a few more features, but I’ve used this for years and it has done everything I needed and more)

  • Jon

    Avatar667 – can you just remind me what you use? I didn’t catch it the first 3 times…

  • شات

    This is great program

    I tried it and its working great.


  • ori

    I use a small and free software:

    It is great because you can see the list of file going to be renamed before doing the rename operation

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