Top Free Screen Recorders to Record Your Screen Activities
By on January 14th, 2008

These days recording screen activities have become quite a popular way of blogging and doing presentations. The screen recorders act just like the print screen function but the difference is that it continuously records all your on screen activities just like a camcorder or digital camera.

These softwares can also be useful when you want to create screen casts for software usage instructions or a video to report a bug that occurred in a software.

There are many screen recording softwares available for you to record the screen activities, here are few of the best screen recorders that will allow you to create videos and presentation from your activities and which are free to use.

CamStudio Open Source

CamStudio is a open source software that allows you to record your screen activities and create AVI videos out of it, it also includes a built-in SWF producer that allows you to create bandwidth friendly flash videos.

In addition to that CamStudio allows you to add high-quality sound to the video and also create picture-in-picture videos by using your webcam videos.

This is one great software that you should definitely have to record your screen activities and create videos out of it.

Learn More | Download CamStudio Open Source | Download CamStudio Codec Pack

Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder is another screen recording software that can be used to capture screen activities into a AVI video file. Free screen recorder records every moment including mouse cursor movements, typing etc.

You can also record voice from the microphone which makes it easier to add your own commentary while the video is being recorded.

Learn More | Download

Freez Screen Recorder

Freez Screen Recorder allows you to record videos and also pause them. Like all the other softwares you can record any region of the screen or activities in a particular window in addition to recording all the activities of the full screen.

It also supports voice recording from the microphone, videotape or Internet.

Learn More | Download


AutoScreenRecorder allows you to create AVI files by recording screen activities. You can record the mouse pointer, a rectangle area or choose to record activities taking place in a application window. You can also choose to record the full screen for activities.

You can also choose to buy a full fledged version of AutoScreenRecorder which adds in more features to the software like generating flash video files and recording voice and sound in the video.

Learn More / Download


If you are looking for softwares to create demo videos and presentations or even plan to start video blogging, these tools are quite handy. Not only are they completely free to use but also add more utility to your computer life.

If you think there are better options please do share it with other readers using the comments form. I am definitely looking to try out more alternatives.

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  • K-IntheHouse

    I have never heard of CamStudio until now and it looks like a great software. I should try it sometime and review it. i am sure a lot of folks would like this open source alternative.

    Great list Keith. Stumbled!

    • Keith Dsouza

      Yups its quite a nice software, I have used it to record screen activities to assist freinds.

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  • Will Smith

    As a technical support guy, I always recommended my customers to record what happened on their screen to show the problem they encountered. CamStudio is a good choice. some customer told me they are using
    FlashDemo Studio, the flash demo send from them are in extremely small size with high record quality. So I also would like to recommend this application. Hope it helps.

  • Will Smith

    As a technical support guy, I always recommended my customers to record what happened on their screen to show the problem they encountered. CamStudio is a good choice, some customer told me they are using FlashDemo Studio, the flash demo send from them are in extremely small size with high record quality. So I also would like to recommend this application. Hope it helps.

  • Hugo Firth

    These are some great applications, especially for creating say a tutorial pack for your website or application.

    Thanks for the links

  • Steven Fan

    We’ve found CamStudio to be a little difficult to set up.

    A lot of people we know have started using

    • Cris

      CamStudio is very nice and i hignly recommend it to anyone who needs to record computer screen.

      • Nadeem

        I installed CamStudio yesterday. But there is a problem. In Options when I select “Do not record audio” it makes video only, and when I select “Record audio from microphone” it gives only audio file. Can you tell me please, how can I fix this problem.

        please reply me on my EMail ID:

        Thank You

  • özgün

    beautiful and useful program. Thank you …

  • Rita Sam

    I tied CamStudio before and now I use FlashDemo Studio
    This tool is neat and smart, ideal for recording PC screen activities in real time to create demonstrations for my business. Hope it helps :p

  • Mohit

    You missed WINK :)

    • froggertv

      Yeah wink is worth considering.

  • Recruitment SEO

    Thanks – some much better than others but Freez Screen Recorder seems the simplest solution for newbies. A great list.

  • Mājas lapu izstrāde

    Very interesting post. I have to say, that your blog is very useful, a lot of good and concentrated information, keep it going! :)

  • James Smith

    I’ve used most of these and some are pretty good, but the best, by far is GunCam. It isn’t free, but at $19.95 is a terrific value. It records audio and video, has a dynamite screen shot feature and includes a rudimentary video editor. Tech support is first-rate, too.

  • Ar Orlando

    I've used CamStudios quite a bit but it doesnt allow you to zoom while recording.. do any of these have that sort of feature?

  • Jani Kajala

    Freez Screen Recorder and Free Screen Recorder are scams. They are not free software at all, but require "registration". And when you register, the only option to get the code is to BUY the software. What's even worse, both of them seem to be made by the same company. So avoid those scam artists.

    • Jani Kajala

      Note that they don't require registration in the start, but later. This is why nobody complains at first unless you use the software longer time (like I did both).

  • bounce house

    Oh heck yes! I'm just about to make a tour video of my websites features. It kind of slipped my mind, but reading this post reminded me. Thanks guys!

  • katrinaJC

    it is very interesting , and it is also useful information.

  • photo collage maker

    It is such useful information, thanks for sharing.

  • jacci

    thankx for your useful info

    i’ve been using a product called flashdemo screen recorder,since i download it in brothersoft,i need to make a flash tutorial for my buiness

    by far of my using experience

    it’s a very nice one.simple and useful

    • jessika

      I agree, once i used flashdemo screen recorder to make some records, convinient and precisely.

  • Jayce

    i used a product called flashdemo screen recorder to record my screen activities

    it’s cool,but costs money….

  • Tracy

    This screen recorder is said to be powerful, is it totally free, or just be free in the trial period?

  • marykin

    thanks for sharing.

  • Bryce

    In using Google, I found another application that can be done online without installing software locally (aside from ActiveX permission):

    I tested it out, and the free version only leaves a tiny watermark in the bottom-left… not enough to interfere with the instructions I was giving. Anytime I clicked the mouse, an circular animation was added (which was helpful).

    It lets you either publish directly to YouTube or save the file as a Quicktime, a Flash, or another format.

    A 6 minute video saved in Quicktime took up about 20 MB and had a very good recording of my microphone.

  • SimsMovieGirl

    That’s ALL??????

  • C m D

    What about hypercam? great peace of software and good quality. I record with it all the time

  • Jonathan Chan

    lol free screen recorder is based on camstudio. u see the interface is similar, and then the options are similar, even the defaults are.
    ok heres what from my experience: (and always try to compress to x264 or sth
    camstudio – low input framerate my computer has a quad i7 2.2ghz and i put it on high priority, the input remains the same at 11-13fps. good program but really cant use it for smooth video
    hypercam – good inputrate but video speed is messed up. plays at like 20% faster than record. also lacks speaker audio recording capability
    freeze screen recorder – same as camstudio but lacks speaker recording
    havent tried auto screen recorder yet

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