Top 3 Free Internet Download Accelerators

Many users download numerous amounts of files such as MP3, videos, softwares everyday. By default many browsers come with their own download managers but they are not optimal as they do not provide you with advanced functions such as resuming downloads, segregating downloads, finding multiple sources etc.

Many a times your Internet connection may stop while you are downloading huge files and in such cases you will have to start downloading the file from start. Imagine cases where you have already downloaded 95% of the file you downloading and you face a Internet connection breakdown. Instead of starting over from 95% you will have start downloading the whole file again.

Download Managers are tools that allow you to resume downloads, pause them, segregate them into different folders and automatically look for multiple sources of the same file. If you look back at the above scenario if you would have used a download manager to download your file the download would start from 95% again.

In addition to that they even boost the speed of your downloads as they download the files as different packets and then rejoin them on the PC making the download faster.

Today we will look at the top 3 download managers that allow you to manage your downloads and are free.

Free Download Manager

free-download-manager-logo Free Download Manager (FDM) is another powerful tool which allows you to manage your downloads. Opposed to the other softwares FDM is completely free and a Open Source software. So every version of FDM has the same features and you do not have to buy the softwares to unlock advanced features.

FDM allows you to download files using the BitTorrent protocol in addition to the regular HTTP and FTP protocol downloads. They also support downloading FLV files from sites like YouTube, Google etc.

FDM comes completely free under a General Public License (GPL) so you are not tied on any of the features they provide with the software.

Free Download Manager also allows you to adjust traffic usage so that you are not using a major chunk of it for the downloads. Likewise you can easily resume and pause downloads in addition to organizing and scheduling them.

If you want to download a whole website you can easily do that with their tool called HTML Spider. So if you are looking at a site that shows you recipes and want it as reference even when you are not online you can easily do that with FDM.

When you are downloading zip files and do not want to download the entire files you can easily do that with FDM. They also provide you with a Upload Manager using which you can easily upload and share your files with family and friends.

The best feature which I liked was that you can control the downloads remotely from another PC, so if you are at office and want to use the downloaded files at home you can easily schedule it a home using this feature.

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