Top 3 Free Internet Download Accelerators
By on December 21st, 2007

Many users download numerous amounts of files such as MP3, videos, softwares everyday. By default many browsers come with their own download managers but they are not optimal as they do not provide you with advanced functions such as resuming downloads, segregating downloads, finding multiple sources etc.

Many a times your Internet connection may stop while you are downloading huge files and in such cases you will have to start downloading the file from start. Imagine cases where you have already downloaded 95% of the file you downloading and you face a Internet connection breakdown. Instead of starting over from 95% you will have start downloading the whole file again.

Download Managers are tools that allow you to resume downloads, pause them, segregate them into different folders and automatically look for multiple sources of the same file. If you look back at the above scenario if you would have used a download manager to download your file the download would start from 95% again.

In addition to that they even boost the speed of your downloads as they download the files as different packets and then rejoin them on the PC making the download faster.

Today we will look at the top 3 download managers that allow you to manage your downloads and are free.

Free Download Manager

free-download-manager-logo Free Download Manager (FDM) is another powerful tool which allows you to manage your downloads. Opposed to the other softwares FDM is completely free and a Open Source software. So every version of FDM has the same features and you do not have to buy the softwares to unlock advanced features.

FDM allows you to download files using the BitTorrent protocol in addition to the regular HTTP and FTP protocol downloads. They also support downloading FLV files from sites like YouTube, Google etc.

FDM comes completely free under a General Public License (GPL) so you are not tied on any of the features they provide with the software.

Free Download Manager also allows you to adjust traffic usage so that you are not using a major chunk of it for the downloads. Likewise you can easily resume and pause downloads in addition to organizing and scheduling them.

If you want to download a whole website you can easily do that with their tool called HTML Spider. So if you are looking at a site that shows you recipes and want it as reference even when you are not online you can easily do that with FDM.

When you are downloading zip files and do not want to download the entire files you can easily do that with FDM. They also provide you with a Upload Manager using which you can easily upload and share your files with family and friends.

The best feature which I liked was that you can control the downloads remotely from another PC, so if you are at office and want to use the downloaded files at home you can easily schedule it a home using this feature.

There are tons of other features which makes Free Download Manager a must have software for you.

Download: Free Download Manager

Download Accelerator Plus

download-accelerator-plus Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is one of my favorite softwares and is one of the best download managers I have ever used. DAP allows you to easily manage your downloads, resume them, pause them and also segregate them into different folders based on the file you are downloading.

You can also easily integrate DAP into Internet Explorer and Firefox so that whenever you are downloading a file DAP will automatically discover and show you the download options.

DAP optimizes your download speed by up to 400% and also allows you to schedule automatically put your PC into standby mode or hibernate it or even completely shut it down after a download has completed.

DAP will also automatically search for the best mirrors available for download of the file and show you the speed the servers provide you for downloads. You can easily choose the best mirror which provides you with better speed so your download completes faster.

Download: Download Accelerator Plus

Internet Download Manager

internet-download-manager Another powerful download manager which allows you to manage your downloads. Internet Download Manager (IDM) easily integrates into various browsers and monitors files that need to be downloaded.

IDM boosts your download speed by up to 5 times your regular browser speed. It also provides you with a YouTube FLV file grabber which allows you to download and resume FLV files.

You can also schedule downloads and categorize them with IDM. In addition to can also drag and drop a link into IDM and it will automatically start downloading the file.

Download: Internet Download Manager

Which download manager do you use to download files from the Internet? Do let me know through your valuable comments. I would also love to know which one of these you would prefer to use. I used DAP for a long time but found the features of IDM too hard to resist. What about You?

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  • Brown Baron

    I think I’ll give them a try. I’ve actually been thinking of which ones are good. Thanks for helping me out buddy :)

    • Keith Dsouza

      Aha Brown Glad I could assist you in finding something :-)

  • Kyle Eslick

    I use free download manager :D

    • Keith Dsouza

      Same here Kyle :-)

  • Madhur Kapoor

    I think Flashget should also be in this list. It is great

    • Keith Dsouza

      Madhur I have not used Flashget but now that you mentioned it will definitely give it a spin.

  • Haris

    IDM is the best from the list above, but it’s not free. You get a trial version for 30 days :( and have to buy it after that.

    • Keith Dsouza

      Haris that is why I prefer Free Download Manager as it provides lot of features for free.

  • herroen

    idm sucks!

    my download stopped & idm wont resume it

    • Keith Dsouza

      Hey herroen why not try our Free Download Manager it is one of the best.

    • Pavan

      hey i think u must have tried to resume unresumable links like of rapidshare ,hotfile, megashare etc…
      otherwise IDM rokkxx man…

  • Silki

    I vote for FDM.

  • Manav

    Great Post!!!
    I use FDM but i wud now certainly try DAP and IDM as well.

  • herroen

    i think its too slow. a cant expect much for fdm by its speed

  • Jalaj

    I always used DAP, but I think Free (that too GPL) Download Manager should be given a try.

  • Clarke Blakes

    you guys should try using orbit download manager. it’s free, fast, and easy to use. i’ve also tried falshget before. and its fine for me. but orbit have better download speed than flashget.

  • boscharun

    Try skdownloader. It is fast, easy to use and free. It has Internet explorer and Firefox integration as well.

    It is also multiplatform with installers for Linux and Windows.

  • Pavan

    i'd used DAP b4 i didnot find it gud enuff..
    now i'm using IDM obviously cracked :P..
    but as per ur reviews now i'm thinking to swtich to FDM :)..

    • Arham

      by far IDM is d best……………i hav dFULL VERSIOn of it n dap bt i prefa IDm…….d speed is waaayyy better

      n thn i hav tried crackd dap as well……BTidm is better

      n FDM is nt as fast as IDM

      • suresh

        hey arham can you give me the cracked IDM

  • sdasdasd

    Internet Download Manager is best

  • Anonymous

    i use FDM for almost 2 years…and now ill use DAP..

    because FDM is too slow in downloading rather than DAP..

    the best thing about FDM is that I like it by its appearance rather than DAP..thats all.

  • Timin

    Well its true tat orbit is a good one..but its interface is not tat better comparing wit dap. But again the idm is better than dap, since the idm has got much more pieces of downloads than dap. I haven't ever tried tis FDM.

  • Omar

    i really hate DAP it made my downloads ALOT slower like from 100kbs to 1.4kbs :( FDM worked the best for me :)

  • Gaurav

    I tried FDM ,Mass Downloader, Flashget,DAP,Supersonic Downloader , Internet download manager .

    I found IDM as the best. FDM has a nice feature of downloading torrents but it is vey-very slow as compared to others.

  • Anonymous

    IDM is the best download manager. First it allows upto 16 multiple connections thereby boosting speed. It also allows you to get the actual speed given to you by your ISP which normal firefox, IE or any browser do not and for slow PCs, sometimes it allows you to get over your ISP speed limit for about 5 seconds after a state where your PC stops functioning for some time as tested by me.

  • jai

    I'm using ORBIT downloader so far this is the best for me. You should try this one guyz…much faster than DAP and much reliable than IDM…very simple software….and its free!!!!

  • blueshell

    Good tools to accelerate the Internet downloading speed! Good post!

  • Cindy

    I use IDM…
    One day, there are an alert to update it to newest edition, so i update it, and after that i can't use IDM for free again T^T

    must register and pay to use it again

    • sagarmatna

      qqqqq… :) do not update idm cracked, dud.

  • Anonymous

    Mass Downloader, very powerful, but it is not free, you need to buy it.
    though there are cracks all around.

  • Wills Online

    I use Orbit, it works a treat for me.

  • Jawad

    I think the title is misleading, these are not free.

    • Keith Dsouza

      @Jawad – These software were free when the article was written

    • rahul

      hey everybody i have used dap and idm
      but from a long time i have been using idm it is the best downloader in the web.
      it is easy to use and u can’t resist it

  • blankb92

    we need an ultimate downlaod manager that can download file fastly and doesnot stop downlaoding before it is compleated…

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