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In those earlier days I had a disease to refresh my AdSense reports page multiple times, but I overcame it with the startling revelation that my earnings would not grow and I am plain wasting my Internet bandwidth on continuously trying to check my AdSense earnings.

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Well to sum up that was pretty much what I did when I initially started using Google AdSense and to be quite frank I made my first $100 only after a year which is the minimum amount you need to earn to cash out your earnings. The wait was really agonizing for me any I rarely made 10-50 cents a day and just having to go over to the site and keep checking the stats was painful.

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google-adsense-logo Well that was just about a year ago but since then I have started earning more and more from the program and have rarely visited the Google AdSense admin interface to check my earnings and all the courtesy of tools I use to keep on top of my earnings without having to do much more than move the mouse.

Well there are quite a few tools I have used and found useful to track my Google AdSense earnings and the list below will categorize those further so that you can stay on top of your AdSense earnings without having to visit the site at all.

Sidebar Gadgets / Widgets

If you are a user of desktop sidebars and widgets this section will help you find AdSense tools to stay on top of your earnings right from your favorite client.


Google Desktop Gadgets

I am a big fan of Google desktop so having gadgets that show me my earnings in the sidebar was a natural extension. Google desktop provides you with two gadgets to keep track of your AdSense earnings.

AdSense Tracker is a classy gadget that shows you today’s earnings, yesterday’s earnings and the earnings for the entire month. On the other hand AdSense Status shows you in depth information such as Page impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPM and more. I tend to use both of these for different reasons one just to have a quick glance over the day and one to check detailed reports at the end of the day.

Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Well I just got hold of my latest laptop and it came loaded with Vista which features a sidebar. I for one don’t use it much but if you do then you can easily add some gadgets to keep track of your AdSense earnings.

AdSense Reports is a Vista sidebar gadget which shows you information about your earnings for the day. The gadget also comes with 8 skins which you can use to customize the look of the gadget. On the other hand the AdSense gadget shows you the days earnings along with clicks and impressions combining both content and search based earnings.

Yahoo Widgets

If you are a user of Yahoo Widgets you have a few options to view your earning reports from Google AdSense. The Google AdSense widget shows you the number of clicks and earning for the current day and month, if you want a widget that provides you with much more comprehensive reports you can try out the AdSensor widget which shows you earnings from today, yesterday, last 7 days, this month, last month and since last payment.

Browser Add-ons / Extensions

Well the section here deals with tools to keep you updated about your AdSense earnings while browsing the Internet using you favorite browser.

Firefox Add-ons / Extensions

One of the most popular browser Firefox has quite a few extensions to catch up with the most popular way to make money online. Extensions like AdSense notifier which shows you your earnings in the statusbar and MoneyQuake which allows you to track earnings from multiple ad networks definitely add some value to the browser.

Desktop Tools

In this section you will find tools that you can install and run from your desktop. No more visiting the site again get notified about your AdSense earning right on your desktop.

CSV AdStats

CSV AdStats is a desktop tools that uses the csv reports file provided by Google AdSense to show you impressive graphs. You can also analyze the data to understand the performance of ads for you.

Learn more about CSV AdStats.

AdSense Tray

Another small desktop client to view your AdSense earnings. Sits in the system tray and alerts you about your earnings.

Learn more | Download


Well if you are looking to stay on top of your AdSense earnings I recommend you to definitely try some of these tools out, not only do they save you a lot of time and headache but also allow you to track your earnings without putting much of an effort.

I would love to know the ways you keep on top of your AdSense earnings, do let me know through your comments how you check on your earnings. And yes if you are not yet making money why not

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