Tools to check memory usage

Applications these days eat up large resources and memory. Checking memory usage is important and is only good for your computer. I’m presenting you with details on four nifty tools that just serve the purpose of checking memory usage in Windows:

SysTrayMeter – Download

Requiring no installation, this little tool sits in the system tray and continuously checks and displays memory usage and CPU usage neatly. Memory usage is better conveyed with colour codes.


Monitor memory usage with MemInfo

Once installed, MemInfo checks memory usage, and warns you when memory usage is very high. It also includes a memory defragmenter. It’s just like SysTrayMeter for checking memory usage, but comes with a few customization options included.

Performance MonitorDownload

In addition to checking memory usage, this tool can also check disk and network usage. Working from the system tray, this tool shows you graphs on top of your screen indicating RAM, disk and network usage.

FreeRAM XP ProDownload


A more complex and feature rich program this is. It’s more than a memory monitor. It’s one of the best tools available for optimizing your RAM for speed. Auto freeing of memory, logging, usage reporting, memory compression technologies are some of its best features.

  • I like FreeRAM XP Pro…Is there one for vista?

  • Freeram xp pro seems to be cool, but i can tell you that its not really worth. They’re just marketing, and PC experts say that its just a fad. In fact, you’d lose some resources for the app itself, so its not worth it!

  • @Innovations & Interesting Ramblings-
    Well, the official page doesn’t have a word on this, but Softpedia tells that Free RAM XP pro works on all Windows versions.
    @Sumesh: Yeah, that was what I was doubting about, but nevertheless decided to include it since it was so popular.

  • I have been using FreeRam XP pro and i love it.

  • Sheila

    As a new user of FreeRAM XP Pro 1.52 Can someone tell me what the different colours stand for. I’ve looked in the information drop down and nowhere does it seem to tell me. Is yellow good? What percentage RAM should I be looking for?
    Many thanks

  • Just wanted to know, are these program safe for your Machine? have any one used them? The reason why i am asking this because once i have got virus when i tried to download the similar program.

    • HollowLord

      I got a virus from the FreeRam download last time that screwed up my whole computer. My advice would be to make sure you individually scan all of these files that you download.

  • somewhat related, but for the android OS I use the "Advanced Task Killer App"

  • Its nice that we can check the memory status by so many software, any of the above software can do memory tweeking?