Toddler Trap Lets You Clean Keyboards With Ease

Cleaning keyboards with the PC on will lead to funny things happening on the screen, and if you are someone like me, you would not want to switch off the computer, just to clean the keyboard, in the past we had told you about a tool that would lock keyboards, so that you can clean it while the PC is on.

However I have been using another freeware tool for quite sometime, which is lightweight and is a no-nonsense software that will help you clean keyboards with ease.

The software is called Toddler trap, and just like the name suggests, this software negates and key presses, allowing you to clean your keyboard without something funny happening on the screen.


When you start the software, it will launch a small window that will take focus above all other applications, any keystrokes will eventually be captured by the software, negating them.

Pretty handy if you have a toddler in your house and want to leave your PC unattended for a while or clean your keyboard while your PC is on.

Toddler trap is portable software, so you can simply drop it into any flash drive.

Download Toddler Trap

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