This Is Probably The Fastest Way To Take Screenshots And Share Them Online

greenshot_2011-01-27_22-40-03[Windows Only] If you’re a regular on sites like Reddit, Digg or 4Chan, chances are high that you’ve heard of Imgur. Imgur is a free image hosting site, developed by Alan Schaaf, who was tired of the cluttered interfaces of other image hosting sites, and decided to create one of his own. Among various features of the site are galleries, on-site basic photo editing, anonymous uploads (you can also register), and a liberal photo retaining limit. A recent update also included a drag-and-drop feature for uploading pictures, following competition from new websites like

Imgur is awesome for screenshots. Well say, why? Because it provides a direct link to the image file, and the loading time is quick. Also, the service is free and there are no limits to how many images you can upload.

Last year, the screenshot application en vogue for its simplicity was tinygrab. Its working was simple. Install application. Press hotkey. Screenshot is taken, uploadeded to tinygrab’s server and a short url to the image is copied to the clipboard. But the catch was, tinygrab allowed only 10 screengrabs a day in its free plan.

Well, if there’s a problem, there’s probably an app for unsolving that problem. This time, that app happens to be Hyperdesktop. There’s no website, there’s no fee and there’s no quotas. The application works just like last year’s tinygrab, except for the fact that Hyperdesktop uploads to Imgur, and therefore, there are no limits to how many screenshots you take in a day.

Press the hotkey. Select the region (or go full screen). You’re done. Image link is on your clipboard.

Download Hyperdesktop from Imgur’s tools page.

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