The best free defragmentation software for Windows

Your computer is too sluggish, and doesn’t open your files quickly? May be it’s time you defragment your hard drive, but ironically the default Windows Defragmentation tool is even more slow. Here’s where these free defragmentation software can come to the rescue:


Coming from the makers of CCleaner, this new tool on the block is gradually gaining popularity. With such a cute name, Defraggler is just a single .exe file, and hence is portable.

Defraggler can defragment not just an entire drive, but also the tiniest of files. Though 64 bit computers are not supported, this free defragmenter can run on Vista as well. Download Defraggler free defragmentation software from here.

JK DefragDownload

This open source, free defragmentation software that can do all that a defragmenter should do. Additionally, there’s a command line version available in this free defragmentation software. You can also schedule defragmentation when the screensaver is running, using another customized version of JKDefrag.


Contig is a command line defragmentation utility that is supposed to defragment a single file. However, new GUI frontends to Contig like the PowerDefragmenter can defragment not just a file, but also a folder and also disk drives.

Auslogics Disk DefragDownload

This does not replace the default Windows free defragmentation tool, but works along with it to enhance its abilities. For instance, it works along with the default free defragmentation tool to help it defragment ‘locked’ files – files that’re being used currently by the system. It’s not intended to be a replacement, but it’s like an addon.


PageDefrag free defragmentation software can help in defragmenting registry hives and paging files that are active most of the time. It runs during system boot to defragment such files that cannot be defragmented using the normal defragmenter.


SpeeDefrag restarts your PC, and loads only the default Windows Defragmenter to the memory. This in turn speeds up the defragmentation process. Scheduling is possible.

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