Test Memory (RAM) Reliability For Read/Write Errors

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the most critical part of a computer, without it a computer will not work at all, this I know from all my troubleshooting experience as a freelance hardware engineer and a friendly troubleshooter for friends and family.

It is always a good thing to keep your PC clean and dust free so that the internal parts including the RAM is not affected, this though does not mean that your RAM will not have any problems.


MemTest is a handy freeware that will check your RAM for reliability and evaluate the ability of your computer’s memory to store and retrieve data accurately.

A correctly functioning computer should be able to do both these tasks with 100% accuracy day in and day out. A computer that fails these tests, perhaps because of old hardware, damaged hardware, or poorly configured hardware, will be less stable and crash more often. Even worse, it will become even less stable over time as corrupted data is written to your hard disk.

It is advisable to stop all running programs while you run MemTest, this will give it a opportunity to check the RAM without interferences, if there is a problem with your RAM, MemTest will stop and alert you about it.

What do you do if you get that alert? If you get a alert while testing your RAM, we advise you to run another test on it, just to confirm there is a problem. In case the problem is confirmed the best course of action would be to change the faulty RAM so that you do not have problems in near future.

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