Terminate Non-Responsive Applications With Process Assassin

There are tons of times when a single application can make your system freeze because of memory leaks or other things which are not really in your hand.

Closing the application is the best way to free some memory and get your system back to normal.

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In a normal situation users would generally hit the Ctrl + Alt + Del combination and use the task manager to kill the task, but there is a nice little that will allow you to terminate applications quickly and easily.


Process Assassin enables the user to select a not responding application
and terminate it immediately without calling any other external programs.

Download Process Assassin

One thought on “Terminate Non-Responsive Applications With Process Assassin”

  1. Great little software. Normally, an unresponsive application could cause system instability and takes more system resources at the moment. And that is why I think a little application that specifically designed to kill the process would come in handy. Because at the current issue, it will take forever to use task manager trick.

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