Temporarily Disable Windows Power Settings with Don’t Sleep

[Windows only]: While downloading large files from the internet, sometimes you may not be sitting in front of your computer. Often, you would put the computer in download mode and leave the desk for some other work. The downloads would take hours to finish and you would want to have a break or take a short nap.

The problem with marathon downloads is that the Windows power settings come into play after a definite interval of time. Say you are downloading movies or torrents and the download may take 5-6 hours to finish. You start the download manager but when you return after an hour, you find the computer has been logged off or put to “Sleep”.

That’s when you need tools like Don’t Sleep. It’s a tiny portable application for Windows which temporarily suspends Windows power settings and prevents the system from logging off, restarting, hibernating or going to sleep mode.

The program requires no installation and does not modify Windows registry. It sets temporary rules to override the power plans in Windows so that the downloads can continue without any problem.
You can set the timer in the program options and can turn off Windows screensaver when the system is in idle state.

Of course, you can manually change the power plans before starting the downloads and then switch back to normal power plans when the downloads are finished. But those who want to avoid the hassle of opening the control panel and tweaking the Power settings, this freeware does the job well.

Don’t Sleep works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The program is simple to use. I would like to see a timer feature being included – the ability to shut down computer at a specified time of the day. This will save the hassle of using another utility to shut down the computer when the downloads have finished.

Techie Buzz rating: 3/5 (average).

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