Enhance Windows Seven Taskbar With Taskbar Overlord

You are probably aware that Windows Seven features a revamped taskbar (often called the Superbar). It’s possibly the most prominent change in Windows Seven and has received a lot of attention. While the Windows Seven Taskbar is definitely a big improvement over its predecessors there are a few nagging issues.

Taskbar Overlord is a simple hotkey application which enhances the Windows Seven taskbar by making a couple of small adjustments to it.

  • By default Windows Seven groups multiple instances of the same application together. If you click on the application icon in the taskbar, the thumbnail previews are displayed instead of restoring the last active window. This is pointless since the same thing can be achieved by hovering your pointer over the icon. Taskbar Overlord fixes this extremely annoying behaviour of Windows Seven Taskbar and forces it to restore the last active window on mouse click.
  • If you middle click on any icon (in the taskbar) a new instance of the program is created. Again, this not very useful since you can achieve the same thing through Shift+Click. Taskbar Overlord changes the default behaviour so that Middle Clicking on an icon closes all its windows.
  • Control Your Windows 7 Taskbar with Taskbar Overlord

    Taskbar Overlord doesn’t do much yet goes a long way towards improving the Windows Seven experience. Once you get used to it, you will be forced to wonder why these functionalities aren’t built into Windows.

    [ Download Taskbar Overlord ]

2 thoughts on “Enhance Windows Seven Taskbar With Taskbar Overlord”

  1. Windows Vista was a failure and everybody waited eagerly for Windows 7. It is better in every way but it has some negatives also, but I am sure that they will be fixed over time, or id they won't, than we have all these tools like Taskbar Overlord available.

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