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Tags are here to rule the world and it has been widely used by various softwares and services. Taglocity is a service that allows users to tag your content from within Microsoft Outlook.  
If you are using Outlook for multiple accounts then you may know how messy it gets when you recieve lots of mails in the day, tagging your mails allows you to organize them better and make it more search friendly, as you easily specify the tags your looking for rather than searching independent mails.

As most of you may already have seen the buzz about tags and how they are helpful in sorting and searching data easily, oraganize informaiton nicely, and communicate more clearly to others what the information is about.

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Taglocity is a add-in application for microsoft outlook, just like ieaddons in internet explorer and extensions in firefox. taglocity allows you to tag your email, tasks, contacts and calendar easily.

Taglocity Features

Auto Tags taglocity learns from how you tag and adds tags automatically to your content. this uses a similar technology to spam ai filters, and learns from your actions to improve in accuracy over time.

Traveling Tags taglocity allows your tags to travel to other people you send and receive messages from. these tags can help clarify your intent of the message, as well as serve as useful shared information to collaborate around. powerful aliasing allows you to match up your tags with other peoples.

Search Tags taglocity uses microsoft’s windows desktop search to present a tag-based query feature. this allows you to find things very quickly in the context of your tags.

Taglocity is currently an invitation only beta testing, and you can get to download the application or join beta by sending them a email to join them.

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2 thoughts on “Taglocity, Tagging For Microsoft Outlook”

  1. This is my new favorite blog! I love your tips and tools, like this one.

    I plan to try out Taglocity today. It will be great for tagging emails related to various projects or clients rather than creating a folder for each one (which results in an overwhelming amount of folders). Thanks again for the excellent recommendation!

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