Initiate Alt-Tab Command Using A Simple Mouse Gesture

[Windows Only] If you keep several windows open while working on your computer, then its obvious that you often get lost while switching between them (windows). This is when a Windows user uses the most common Alt+Tab key combination that gives a simple visual display of the opened windows. This helps you to locate and move to the correct window you are looking for.


Have you ever wondered if it is possible to use this feature with a simple movement of the mouse ? Here is a tool that will help you to do that. Download and run AltEdge. Now whenever you need to switch between windows, just move your mouse pointer to the left side of the screen. You will see the all open windows listed as they are shown when Alt+Tab is used. The switching goes on automatically and whenever the pointer is on the desired window just move your mouse away to right. The window will come to focus.

[Download AltEdge]

Techie-Buzz Verdict

This is a very useful tool and is one of its kind.You can easily use the Alt+Tab feature with a simple mouse gesture. You need not remember the keyboard shortcuts, and you can also use the Alt+Tab feature if any of the keys (Alt or Tab) on the keyboard are not working.

Techie Buzz Rating : 4 / 5 (Excellent)

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