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I have been a big fan of note-taking software which allow me to quickly jot down notes for later. In the past  I have covered several note-taking and sticky notes software and even for . However, Evernote has always been one of the best software I have used for my desktop and mobile devices.

One of the things I usually miss while using Evernote is the lack of ability to post sticky notes on my desktop and a desktop widget which would allow me to quickly jot down notes without having to open up the app itself.

While searching for a Sticky notes application which would work with Evernote, I came across the "Sticky Notes" app in the Evernote Trunk, where external developers create apps based on the Evernote API.

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Sticky Notes for Evernote has looks and feels like any sticky notes app for desktop out there. However, the advantage of using this app is that it automatically synchronizes your notes to Evernote making it available on multiple devices. Additionally, you can also setup the app on multiple desktops and it will automatically synchronize notes on them, provided you link it with your Evernote account.

Sticky Notes for Evernote

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  • Thanks for this, Keith. This is exactly the solution that I needed today and works perfectly. Moreover, I was able to discover a whole treasure trove of additional Evernote apps. Took some time, but it will be (ultimately) good for my productivity!

  • Dennis

    I have been looking hard for a simple sticky note app that will synch between my PC and my Android. Evernote is way overkill. I tried the Evernote Sticky Notes and was initially hopeful but they are really not much. I just want notes that stay on the desktop but that I can minimize with a click, instead of having to resize. The initial notes are way too large; where can I change their default size? My only option on a note, at least that I can find, is to either delete the note or to add a new one. I just want to close the frikkin’ note! Not delete it, but get it off my desktop. I only downloaded and installed Evernote to try to get a synching sticky note app. Clearly Evernote does a lot, but nothing that I care about right now. I went through the online demo, and they show that stick notes show up under a notebook stack? I don’t have that. I don’t see how to get back to my notes after I close them?

  • Stevie Silva

    As I have tested and tried many software, Efficient Notes is an easy operation and powerful functions notes for keeping and desktop sticky notes reminder