Stardock Launches Digital Distribution Platform Impulse

Stardock a innovator of desktop utility software today launched a new state of the art digital distribution platform called Impulse which allows users to quickly and easily find their favorite game or software and download it automatically to their PC.

On first look Impulse is really good aesthetically created software which adds a unique experience for the users while allowing them to find games and softwares. Impulse to many may just look like a regular browser.


Main Features of Impluse

  • Once a game or software has been downloaded from Impulse, it no longer needs to be running in order to launch the desired program.
  • The ability to support third-party games and software.
  • The ability to enable third-parties to name their price and after review have it available to users.
  • Impulse will integrate its next-generation social networking features in the "Community" tab, that will let users have friends, chat about games, create blogs and much more.


So if you are looking to find great games and softwares within the confines of your desktop give Impulse a try.

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