Smart Multi-Tasking With WinSplit-Revolution

If you are an average computer user, chances are you have multiple windows open at any given time. Switching back and forth between these windows become a hassle and decreases productivity. What if you could arrange all your open windows in whatever way you want and look at all of them simultaneously? Now you can do this with a freeware called WinSplit-Revolution.

WinSplit-Revolution allows you full control over how to display your windows. You can have 2 small windows on the left and 1 on the right, you can have 6 equally sized windows, a mosaic of 5 screens of different sizes or any other scheme that suits you well. You can re-size the windows for each position by choosing one of the many pre-defined sizes.

Another excellent feature WinSplit has is the Hotkeys. For example, just press Ctrl +Alt + Left to move a window to the left or Ctrl + Alt +Right to move it to the right. Pressing Ctrl +Alt + M would bring up a mosaic of all the windows open and Ctrl + Alt +C would close all windows. However, hotkeys are not the only option to move windows around. You can also just drag and move them. You can also configure the hotkeys according to your requirements.

WinSplit-revolution is only available for Windows right now. You can download it here.

Via [Killer Startups]

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