Split Files 1.6 – A tool to split your files for easy sharing

How many times have you gotten stuck while sending an ebook to your friend’s email, just because the file size is bigger than what is allowed ? There are other cases when you need to split some important documents for saving in different places to ensure privacy.

Split Files 1.6 is a nice tool to split files that are big(filesize) and can’t be sent by email. All you have to do is to locate the file you want to split, locate the directory(on your PC) you want to put the split files and configure splitting options( i.e number of split files or size of a single split file). When you are ready, just press the Split button and you are done.


You can also combine split files using the tool. Just go to the Combine tab and set it up.


[Download Split Files 1.6]

Techie Buzz Verdict

Well we can’t deny the fact that, most of the times, file splitting is used in cases of piracy, like creating .torrent files for copyrighted work. We are not encouraging piracy, but in other cases, like splitting a college presentation, an audio track you’ve made or just an ebook,   this free application works wonders for easy sharing. There are no major reported bugs yet.

Techie-Buzz Rating : 4/5 (Good)

this free application works wonders for easy sharing

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