Best Tools To Split and Join Large Files

There are several times when you may need to share large files, however bandwidth and upload limits may disallow you from doing so. In such cases you can still upload and share the files, albeit by splitting them into smaller parts so that the user who intends to download them can easily do it and later merge them to recreate the large files.

In this post, we will take a look at several useful and free tools that will allow you to split and join/merge large files.

HJSplit File Splitter


HJSplit is a useful file splitter, that allows you to split large files of any type and size. HJSplit is a and does not require any installation, you can also split files as large as 10GB with this utility. Once you have split the files, you can share them with your friends.

Note: Your friends will require to download HJSplit to merge/join the large files.

Download HJSplit

GSplit File Splitter


GSplit is another freeware file splitter, which will allow you to split large files into smaller files called pieces, you can then easily distribute the pieces over the internet. GSplit has a better user interface than HJSplit.

Users who are downloading the files will require to use GSplit to join/merge the files.

Download GSplit

JR Split Files


Another useful freeware to split large files, the interface is pretty simple and also creates a batch file to easily merge the files without requiring any additional software.

Download JR Split Files

Do you use any other software to split and merge large files? Do let us know through your comments.

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