Splashtop OS – New Version for Laptops and Netbooks

Splashtop OS – New Version for Laptops and Netbooks

Are you tired of waiting for Windows to boot up? Let’s say that you are on the road and you want to stop briefly at a wifi hotspot to check on directions or weather. What might take you 3 or 4 minutes in Windows, can easily be done in less than a minute in the Splashtop OS (operating system).

Previous to the latest version of Splashtop, you either had it installed from the factory, or you didn’t. Now Splashtop can be installed on many Windows laptops and netbooks.

According to the website:

If your device is not one of the currently supported platforms … , you can still install and try Splashtop OS you will be given a pre-boot menu with the option to launch Windows (default) or Splashtop OS.

I’ll show you how easy this OS is to install, but first, take a look at Splashtop in action:

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  • Installed it and liked it, boots up pretty quickly. The only problem I had was with the fact that it didn’t support display drivers for my Dell XPS 1645.

    I love to use my 1920×1080 resolution and splashtop only supports 1024 or 1280 which makes it look really weird. However, much better than Chrome OS feature wise.

  • thanks for sharing. is there any way to download it offline? or use it from usb?

  • I just hate PC, most of the stuff just never work