Songbird 1.4.2 Released [Music Manager]

greenshot_2009-12-22_21-29-51 Songbird, the popular music jukebox application today released a new update pushing it to version 1.4.2. The latest version of Songbird comes packed with several bug fixes, usability additions, new features and enhancements along with a new dark theme.

Alongside adding support for some new codecs and media formats, the Songbird teams has also made the application much more stable and zippy. Unlike its previous releases, seamless CD ripping has been added to its list of abilities. Songs can be ripped from CDs direct to the Songbird library without needing iTunes on the system as it did previously.

MSC Device support has also been added to the music application. Steve from the dev team explains it as follows: Songbird now supports MSC (Mass Storage Class) devices. Sync tracks (and playlists on compatible devices) to phones and other MP3 players with MSC mode. Tracks in incompatible formats can be transcoded on the fly to ensure your music is always with you. (Windows only, requires the MSC add-on)

As mentioned previously, CD ripping has been made as easy as a pie with the functionality being added by default. One thing I noticed in the new release is that although it is much more snappy and quick to respond, the application comes with no addons whatsoever. Previously, a few addons came with the default install itself, like scrobbler, a lyrics plugin and plugin for MashTape. But now, it’s a totally clean install. Even the CD ripping functionality has to be added with an addon! I really hope at least that comes inbuilt from the next release. On the other hand, the application now comes with a cool, dark purple-ish feather or theme.

For the developers, the major tasks at hand for the next release are video management, Windows 7 support and an improved user interface. If you feel pleased enough to try out this bird, take it for spin here.

By the way, Songbird was my favorite player until I found Foobar2000 =)

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