SmartClose: Close and Restore All Running Programs With One Click

There are many a times when you have to shut down or restart your system, while doing this you will have to save all your work and close all your applications. If you have been through the automatic update nightmare where you are regularly prompted to  restart your system at regular intervals this program we are going to discuss would be a definite life saver.

SmartClose is a free software that will allow you to close all the running programs with one click and store it as a system snapshot. Once you have created the system snapshot with SmartClose you can easily shutdown or restart your system and restore the snapshot and you will have all your running programs back without having to go through the pain of opening each application.

SmartClose will automatically close all running programs, disable the screen saver, and halt all other processes that can interrupt without asking. Before SmartClose closes or disables anything, it will first save the current state of the system (running programs and screen saver) to a system snapshot, which can be opened and restored again by SmartClose.


Could be very useful when you need to go some place urgently but cannot leave your computer on. This is a definite life saver for me and will be part of my must have utilities list.

What do you think about this utility? Let me know through your comments.

Download SmartClose

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11 thoughts on “SmartClose: Close and Restore All Running Programs With One Click”

  1. Keith, this is pretty cool! I love trying new software and have to reboot a lot and this will easer the pain of getting all my usual stuff back running before i come back with a coffee. :-)

  2. well hows much system resources…i mean the memory does it use i know it must be very there is a simple utility that does the same work called closeall….can you please illustrate the difference in between the both.

  3. Interesting software. Closing program when we have to leave the computer immediately is oftenly giving me trouble. But, seems now I find the solution. Grear info!

  4. I need something that will just restore my documents that I had open. Something like “My Recent Documents” but more specific. When I have to restart, I don’t recall everything that I had open. Services don’t need to be closed because they start back up when the computer does.

    Programs and services really don’t need to be closed. Everything closes when Windows shuts down. I just need to record what documents were open to reopen them after windows has restarted with their associated programs.

    When Word closed, it asked me if I wanted to send an error report. Juno did not completely close — left a blank Juno window that I manually closed with an error. When I restored after restart, Word just came up with no documents loaded.

    Did I miss something when I tried Smart Close?

    Maybe an additional new, slightly different Smart Close is needed for this purpose.

    1. It’s different to hibernate because a lot of the time after installing new software you are forced to reboot and it’s a huge pain having to close and reopen everything afterwards, especially if you’re like me and usually have 10-15 applications running at once when working.

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