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The one great feature that happened to television sets was the sleep timer which allows you to set the time after which the television can go into standby mode. This definitely helps as many people fall asleep while watching the television.

I definitely used this quite a lot on televisions but unfortunately I use the PC more now and could not find any solutions to getting the PC into sleep mode when I was watching a online show or movie while preparing to sleep. This meant that even though I was asleep I could still listen to faint sounds from the movie and even wake up to the sounds.

This has happened quite a few times and in my search for a software that could bring the sleep timer feature from televisions to PC I landed upon Lullaby which is a software that allows me to put the PC to sleep even when a movie is playing. Well I like many other people never turn my laptop off and always have it right beside me even when I am sleeping and this software definitely helped me a lot.

What is Lullaby?

Lullaby is a software that allows you to turn down the volume completely after a certain period of time and then either shutdown, suspend or put your computer into alarm mode.

When you choose the alarm mode you can setup the time for the alarm to wake you up the next day. You can also choose your own alarm by changing the media file that will act as the alarm, so you can play your favorite MP3 to wake you up.

Lullaby is completely free and you can download and use it on Windows Xp, 2000, ME and 98.


If you are a heavy computer user and frequently go to sleep while watching a movie or listening to music Lullaby is a great option for you. Not only will it turn off the volume but it will also help you setup an alarm so that you can wake up on time the next day.

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