Convert an Email Message into a Public Webpage with Moomeo

Sometimes, sharing emails with your friends can be really tricky. You may want to just share the content body of an email without including the other email header information.  One quick way is to take a screenshot of the email message, upload it, and share it with everyone. You could also convert the email into a PDF or image and share it with others.  But then again, it involves a lot of different issues which may piss you off.

Moomeo is a web tool that makes things easy. It let’s you share an email message with anyone by transforming it in to a public webpage. The resulting webpage will contain the body of the email you are sharing, along with the attachments). People visiting that webpage can comment on it as well as share that page on Twitter, Facebook and other Social sites.

How it works

1. Open your email program and send the email that you want to share at [email protected].

2. You will instantly receive an email from Moomeo containing the web link of your shared email. Here is how the email from Moomeo looks:


And here is a live example of an email message converted to a webpage using Moomeo.

3. You are given a shortened url of the webpage containing your email message so that you can easily share the link in your network. You can directly share the webpage in Twitter and Facebook too.

4. If you wish to change the content of the webpage, first you will need to delete the webpage using the delete pagelink.

delete-webpage-from-moomeo After that, edit your email message and forward it again at [email protected].

The converted email message is shown as an html webpage and not as an image or pdf etc. Users visiting that page can leave comments using the disqus commenting system. All the email address is hidden in the resulting webpage to maintain privacy.

No registration or signups are required to use Moomeo and you can share as many emails you want. Try Moomeo today by sending an email at [email protected]

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