Set Facebook Status As Windows Live Messenger Personal Status

Want to let your messenger friends know about your Facebook Status? If you are a Windows Live Messenger User there is a easy way to do that.

Fibby is a Windows Live Messenger add-in that will allow you to set your Windows Live Messenger Personal Status Message as the status you have in Facebook.

You do not need to keep updating the Windows Live Messenger as Fibby will automatically set the status for you after performing few steps to setup Fibby to be used with Windows live Messenger.


Instructions to setup Fibby With Windows Live Messenger:

  • Open Windows Live Messenger, click your display name at the top of the window, and select Options from the drop-down menu (or type Alt-T and select Options).
  • Select “Add-ins” from the items in the left pane.
  • Click the “Add to Messenger” button and browse to the directory where you installed Fibby. The default location is Program Files\Fibby. Select the file “Facebook.StatusUpdater.dll”
  • Fibby will start and prompt you through the next steps.

Once you have successfully added Fibby, you need to turn it on by clicking on your display name on the main Messenger window and selecting “Turn on Fibby”. (It may take up to a minute for your PSM to update.)

Requirements: Messenger,Fibby,Windows Live Messenger,Add-ins,Messenger Status