Set Facebook Status As Windows Live Messenger Personal Status
By on May 28th, 2008

Want to let your messenger friends know about your Facebook Status? If you are a Windows Live Messenger User there is a easy way to do that.

Fibby is a Windows Live Messenger add-in that will allow you to set your Windows Live Messenger Personal Status Message as the status you have in Facebook.

You do not need to keep updating the Windows Live Messenger as Fibby will automatically set the status for you after performing few steps to setup Fibby to be used with Windows live Messenger.


Instructions to setup Fibby With Windows Live Messenger:

  • Open Windows Live Messenger, click your display name at the top of the window, and select Options from the drop-down menu (or type Alt-T and select Options).
  • Select “Add-ins” from the items in the left pane.
  • Click the “Add to Messenger” button and browse to the directory where you installed Fibby. The default location is Program Files\Fibby. Select the file “Facebook.StatusUpdater.dll”
  • Fibby will start and prompt you through the next steps.

Once you have successfully added Fibby, you need to turn it on by clicking on your display name on the main Messenger window and selecting “Turn on Fibby”. (It may take up to a minute for your PSM to update.)

Requirements: Dot Net Framework

Download: Fibby

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  • hassan

    This idea of Merging the facebook and hotmail status interface is for the better now people would remain intact with each other’s status.

  • abhishek

    looks like a cool add on…will try it..thanks

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  • Women’s Clothes

    Thanks for showing us how this is done. :)

  • Ari Lestariono

    Interesting how you can communicate with 2 social book media I will try it.Thanks

  • TuttoVolume

    Thanks i love FB and MSN

  • doktertomi

    nice information, guy! wondering, if it can work with Yahoo!Messenger, as I am addicted to Y!M.

  • PerfectMoney

    rarely use facebook for business and business chatting,no matter how helpful facebook is ,I rather use linkedin to stay “chat with client that has relevance relations to develop my business to the next level

  • Armand

    I’m looking for a similar application for YM since almost of my friends use it.

  • Doug Chandler

    My Live Messenger window does not have an add-ons configuration option. I have the latest version of WLM.

    How can I add Fibby as I would love to use it, and one for Y! messenger if there is one.



  • Abalone Beads

    Heh, actually I like to keep these separate since I lead a double life. One as a smooth programmer and the other as the dark knight.

  • Jope

    This doesn’t work anymore on the latest version of Live Messenger, as the add-ons support has been discontinued… :(

    Now, if someone was kind enough to program this using the new Live Messenger API… ;)

    • Dark Knight

      Are you sure you are looking in the right spot. I have the latest version of msn messenger and it has add on options. I have yet to download fibby as I would rather update my facebook as to what My messenger status is. Im on in more.

  • Highena

    Works fine for me! thanks

  • Doug Chandler

    I now use the Facebook Status script in Messenger Plus which works like a dream to do the same thing.

    I don't have an add-ons option in my Messenger so could not use Fibby.

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