How to Selectively Delete Files in Recycle Bin from Right Click Context Menu

recycle-binWhenever you delete some files or folders, they are placed in the Windows recycle bin. This includes files, movies, images   and may be folders. Now suddenly you discover that your disk is running out of disk space. The reason behind this is the recycle bin is still holding the deleted files and folders and you need to empty the trash to recover some disk space.

But clearing out all the items in the recycle bin can lead to problems. Suppose you deleted a file yesterday and realised that you need to restore it. You open the recycle bin and find a large number of files waiting to be deleted. In such situations, Bin manager can help.

Bin manager is a small utility that makes it easy to manage items in the recycle bin. Using Bin manager, you can selectively delete items that are older than 2, 3 ,7 or 30 days. Thus if you want to clear out the old files and keep the recent ones, this application will take care of it.

Bin manager adds a new entry in Windows right click context menu which looks like the following


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Techie-Buzz Verdict

Bin manager is good and saves a lot of time especially when you have large number of files to delete and you want to keep the recently deleted files or folders. If the app can sort out file types and show the time of deletion, it would be a killer app for windows.

Techie-buzz rating: Average(3/5)

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