See the Whois Information Of any Domain from Desktop

The Whois information of a domain tells us the following important things:

  • The registrar of a domain.
  • The IP address and name servers of a domain.
  • The date when the domain was created
  • The contact information of the domain owner and his address.

If you need to perform frequent Whois lookups of different domains and then it may become necessary to use a desktop tool rather than rely on any third party websites. Whoislookup is a nice little tool for Windows which can be used to find the Whois information of a domain from desktop.

Here is how the interface of the application looks:


To see the Whois information of a domain, enter the URL in the domain name field and press “Lookup”. The entire Who is information of the domain will be available inside the application window.


As you can see, the application shows the Whois information of the domain in the left frame while the website loads in the right. All the domain names are saved in the “History” pane so that you can quickly repeat the Whois lookups at a later time. You can also use this tool to check whether a domain is available to buy or not.

The application is portable and you can use it on multiple computers from a removable drive without installation. It’s compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

The application is a small and useful tool for bloggers and webmasters.However, the ability to save the Whois information in a text file would be perfect.

Techie-Buzz rating: 3/5(average).

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