Encrypt Text Files With A Secure Notepad Replacement

We have talked a few notepad replacements in the past including Notepad 2008, which brings Office 2007 ribbons to Notepad, however the files you create using Notepad can be easily viewed by anyone who has access to your computer.

Files like your personal diary and other important information should be encrypted, so that it cannot be accessed by anyone else.

SecureEdit is a secure notepad replacement which encrypts text files with a password, using the blowfish algorithm, you can also drag and drop the files you want to securely delete to SecureEdit.


However the files created with SecureEdit do not have a .txt extensions, it creates files with a .ecu extension.

SecureEdit is also available as SecureEdit Unicode, which provides full support for Unicode languages. SecureEdit is , so you can use it anywhere by carrying it on your USB drive.

Download SecureEdit

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