Search Craigslist from Your Desktop With Craigslist Reader Pro [Featured Freeware]

Craigslist is not doubt one of the best site to find almost anything under the sun, including a apartment, a dog, a hot date and so on. The only problem with Craigslist, is that over time their interface has never improved, making it harder for people to search. TechCrunch has discovered two new services that gave you a much better interface to search and navigate Craigslist, but why another web service when a desktop app can beat it all.

Today’s feature Freeware is Craigslist Reader Pro, a desktop tool to simply the search process for finding anything listed in Craigslist.

Craigslist Reader Pro has a simple search interface which allows you to search the Craigslist database, the options provided will be quite familiar to any Craigslist user.


Search results for your queries are displayed in the right hand side with a preview pane that shows you the actual ad as displayed in Craigslist.


Craigslist reader pro definitely saved me some time while searching for a apartment, as opposed to doing it in Craigslist itself. The easy to view search results and previews definitely makes it a must have application for any regular Craigslist user.

Craigslist Reader Pro is a freeware and does not cost you anything, though it displays ads which are non-obtrusive and does not effect your actual experience.

Download Craigslist Reader Pro

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