Save Money on Office 2010 or Get a Free Office Suite

no-word Microsoft left out a key ingredient in it’s recipe for getting everyone to use it’s newly released Microsoft Office 2010. They failed to offer Office 2010 upgrade discounts to the current users of Office 2007. What’s up with that?


There is still hope for those wanting to save money on Office 2010. Microsoft is offering free upgrades to 2010 for those buying and activating Office 2007 or upgrading from Office 2003 to 2007. The best savings are for those upgrading from Office 2003 to Office 2010, as detailed in a post at PC World. The post mentions that there are several restrictions on the free upgrades. Due to the restrictions, many people and companies will still be paying a lot of money for a full featured and modern office suite. I have to wonder if MS Office is really worth all the trouble. After all, there are several free alternatives to MS Office.

Many companies, home users, local governments and schools have saved big money by scrapping Microsoft Office and switching to Open Office 3.2. Since Microsoft Office is so expensive, now is a good time to ask yourself if OpenOffice, which is completely free, could replace your existing Microsoft Office 2007. OpenOffice has a some great FAQs that can help you decide if it’s a good deal for you. Take a look at “Why“.


There are plenty of questions raised when considering the cost of an office suite. Have you asked all the right questions?

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  • Indian Art

    Hi Clif,

    Couldn't agree more on OpenOffice.

    I have used OpenOffice for years and it is my preferred word processor. I strongly recommend it.

    Thank you for letting people know about this great Software that is free. Its so true, money saved is money earned.

    • Thanks for the support Indian Art.


      For most home users, there really isn't any reason to upgrade MS Office.


      I have seen educators and businessmen both make good excuses as to why it wasn't good in their situation.


      For governments, there is no good excuse, except for spending money that they don't have to account for. Saving money isn't as important to them as being re-elected.

  • Didos27

    Have you ever considered SSuite Office as a free alternative to MS Office or even OpenOffice?

    Their software also doesn't need to run on Java or .NET, like MS Office and so many open source office suites, so it makes their software very small, efficient, and easy to use. :)

  • Yes I couldn't imagine paying for MS Office when I can use Open Office for free. For what I use Office for, the free version does everything I need it to do.

  • Thank you for the tipp. I use Office too and it does everything I need to do.

  • Thanks for the nice info.

    It will surely help the user of MS office.