Save Notes As Emails With MailNoter

Now there are tons and tons of sticky note applications and to-do list manager websites that allow you to store notes both offline and online, however one effective way of doing things is also by sending yourself a email reminder.

In fact whenever I have to do something the next day, I send a email address to my work account, so that when I download emails the next morning I also download the list of things that I have to do.

MailNoter is a very handy and , that will allow you to directly send notes to your email address.


Once you have downloaded the software, unzip it to any folder and double click on it to run, you can right click on the system tray icon to change the settings for application.

In the settings window you can specify the that will send a email, the from email address and the to email address, along with specifying whether or not you want to start the application with Windows.

Sending a note to a email address is fairly simple, just press the hotkey and your selected text will be sent as a email to  the account you have setup.

Please note MailNoter will use your default email application to send out emails, so you will get a prompt to allow the MailNoter application to use it.

Download MailNoter

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