RUNit: A Quick Access Application Launcher for Windows

RUNit is not just another launcher, it comes with a difference. It is a free, easy to use’ yet quite a powerful launcher that may get one addicted to it. It gives the user quick access to applications, URLs, document folders and shortcuts without taking up any space on the screen (it shows up only when it is actually being used).   It also allows ‘drag and drop’ items, it’s customizable, and it’s portable. Now, isn’t that great!

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The simplest way to access this launch pad is by right clicking a hot area on your screen which is the top edge of the screen by default. One can also select the option of setting up multiple lists of items to be accessed via different hot areas of the screen. A special feature of this launcher is the different ways it is accessed i.e. by a right click on the upper edge of the screen or alternately by enabling shift-right-clicking anywhere on the screen or by pressing ctrl+shift. These may not be the most unique features but its quick accessibility provides utmost user satisfaction. (also read: Controlpad lets you launch applications from numpad)


Here are a few things that may interest you:

1. The option of setting up various lists: You can set it up in such a way that different shortcuts will help you to access different lists. Say for example when you right click the top edge of the screen, the applications will be displayed and by clicking the bottom edge the shortcuts will be displayed.

2. Menu Structure: This launcher supports cascading menu structure which will enable you to use dividers and create folders and sub folders within the menu.

3. The drag and drop’ option: In order to add items all you have to do is drag whatever you want (shortcuts, files, URLs etc) from any location to the RUNit setup dialog.

4. Customize the launcher: there are several things you can do here. For example, select size of icons, change the fonts, reorder items, maximize or minimize applications and set the coordinates on screen where you want a particular app to be placed when launched.

5. Portability: As it is portable you can unzip and run; it does not write to the registry.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

RUNit is one of its kinds and is extremely user friendly. It has become an integral part of my system now. A great launcher for sure!

Techie-Buzz rating: 4/5 (very good)

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