Retrieve WEP / Wireless Network Keys And Passwords

WirelessKeyView v1.26 is a freeware that works on Windows XP which has SP1 or more. On logging in to windows with administration user privileges you can make use of WirelessKeyView v1.26 for retrieving all WEP or wireless-network keys and WPA or wireless-network passwords.

These are stocked up in your system by the wireless zero and WLAN auto configuration services in Windows XP and Vista respectively. While the wireless keys are stocked in the Registry in Windows XP, in Windows Vista their storage is done by the file system. The software does not recover third party stored network keys.

WirelessKeyView v1.26 helps you save the retrieved keys to files of various types. You can also copy any sole key to clipboard. The Command-line option allows you to save the catalog of all recovered wireless keys to file types like standard, tabular and tab-delimited text files as well as HTML and XML files.

The software also contains an option-Delete-selected-items’ that permits you to erase wireless keys and passwords belonging to previous network adaptors that are not plugged into your system now. However if the network adaptor is alive then the software cannot be used for deletion. You will have to make use of the Windows’ user interface for the purpose of erasure of unnecessary keys.

The earlier versions of this software would not display a key in ASCII format in the Vista operating-system if 32 characters were present in the WPA-PSK. This anomaly and bug has been removed in the new edition v1.26 of WirelessKeyView software.

Running the software is as easy as 1-2-3. No installation procedure is required. No extra DLL files are needed either. The executable file has to be simply copied to any desired folder and run.

It is possible to translate WirelessKeyView v1.26 to additional languages. Email assistance is provided to resolve issues and bugs.

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