Remove Password from PDF Files [Free Software]

PDF Password Remover
PDF Password Remover

AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover is a software program, which can be easily used to remove password from password-protected PDF files. The software can, not only remove password from PDF documents, but also be used to remove print, copy or editing restrictions.

Remove PDF Restrictions
Remove PDF Restrictions

You can add the PDF documents by using the built-in file browser in the software program, which allows you to add single or multiple PDF documents. Then the software will list all PDF documents that have been added, with information like file name, size of the file in Kilobytes and the number of pages in a PDF document. When you click on the Start button, the software program will remove restrictions from all PDF files that you have added.

In this software program, password-protected documents will be marked with a red icon. You can only remove restrictions from those documents, if you know the passwords for them. To remove password from password-protected PDF documents : right-click the PDF file, select “Decrypt with AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover”, and the password will be removed in seconds.

You can download the software from here . You can get the free license key for the software from the same page, after entering you name and email address.

Note : The free offer for this software expires on Feb 10 , 2010 .

Techie Buzz verdict : The most attractive factor is that this software is free, yet it has all the features that are found in similar commercial softwares. It is a very efficient software program to remove restrictions and password from PDF documents. It also supports batch decryption, in which you can decrypt 200 PDF files at one time. You can remove password from PDF files, with just a right-click on the file, without launching the program. It is extremely easy to use and also has user-friendly interface. It also supports multiple languages : English, Thai, Korean, Chinese etc.

Techie Buzz Rating : 4.5/5

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