Remember The Milk Notifier [Adobe Air Application]

Quite sometime back we had told you about two apps that would bring Remember The Milk (RTM) to your desktop and Mac dashboard, those apps were definitely a must have since they allowed you to create tasks and synchronize them directly with RTM, making it that more easier.

If you are a Adobe Air and RTM fan, here is application that will bring a smile to your face, the RTM notifier is a light weight app built on Adobe Air and allows you to get alerts for your RTM tasks, right on the desktop.

rtm-notifier-main-app-screenshot rtm-notifier-system-tray-screenshot 

The application is currently very basic and shows you notification of your due tasks, you can also add tasks to your RTM account, but that is done through a browser like window. Nevertheless pretty useful since you do not have to open a browser to view your tasks.

Download RTM Notifier Adobe Air Application

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  • thanks for the post… i am not a great Adobe air fan but i will sure gonna try this one out……

  • It is sure to be a useful app for all RTM users specially if they don’t keep their browsers open.
    And it informs you only about the number of tasks that are due. It seems to be not very informative.
    We use Task2Gather ( Though there is no such notifier Task2Gather shows what is new in your project. For example, when you work togather with your coleagues or simply share your projects with your family members they can comment on your tasks or add some new items to the shopping list. Such tasks with changes are shown in bold. So when I want to know what’s new I simply open the projects written in bold and read what’s new.

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  • I’ve created a Remember The Milk Adobe AIR app, download it from here:

    Let me know what you think!


  • Just a quick comment to say that I have released a new version of the notifier which

    – has a notification for each due task

    – enables you to postpone for 15 mins, postpone for 1 day, complete or delete a task from the tasks notification

    – enables you to decide which due tasks you are notified about by switching on / off lists or by tagging a task

    – enables you to add tasks

    It does have a few more functions but I wont go into every feature here, for more details see

  • Lucy

    Remember the Milk sounds quite like which we’ve been “invited” to use at work by the boss (if you see what I mean). Since we’ve started using Dooster things seem to be good. He’s so much happier and that’s a good thing. I haven’t had to explain missed meetings and misunderstandings and I actually enjoy using Dooster. I’m sure I’d like any of them but I’m used to Dooster now and I love it.