Recover Windows Vista CD/Product Key

We have told you about tools to change Microsoft Office Keys, Windows Vista Keys, recover keys from Windows XP Installation CDs and more in the past, however here is another way to recover your and Office CD/Product Keys.

Keeping license keys safe and secure is often necessary since you may have to use it again when you reinstall the software or operating systems.

Most of the times, users lose the software CD covers, and the CD keys are very likely to be published on the CD covers, of course there are other ways to lose something as important as the software license keys.


WinGuggle is a handy utility that will allow you to recover the product keys for Windows Vista and Microsoft Office, so if you have lost your license keys for any of these products, just download the software and run it to get the product keys, once they are recovered you can write it down someplace safe so that you have it handy the next time you want to reinstall the Windows Vista or Microsoft Office.

Download WinGuggle

4 thoughts on “Recover Windows Vista CD/Product Key”

  1. I bought a second hand laptop and i changed the user info and backup the serial.
    WinGuggle is a basic, no frills program that has only one fundamental function; to find your original product key.
    very useful util!

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