Recover Passwords from over a dozen Applications

[Windows Only]

keys2-ico Have you ever forgotten a password? Keeping track of online passwords is one of the most important tasks you need to perform. If you need to recover a password from an application, we’ve covered some of the best ways to do that. Below you’ll find password recovery tools for Outlook, Opera, Google Talk, Google Picasa, Google Desktop Search, Gmail Notifier, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, other web browsers, Zip archives, Thunderbird, Windows Mail and Windows itself.

1. Free Outlook Password Recovery Tool

2. Recover Opera Saved Passwords | View Opera Passwords

3. Google Password Recovery Software | Recover Google Passwords| Lost …

4. Password Recovery for Zip, RAR and ACE Files

5. Asterisk Password Revealer

6. Recover Passwords From Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail

7. How To Reveal/Recover Lost Password Behind Asterisks

8. Recover Google Accounts Password Through SMS Text Message

9. ChromePass Lets You View / Recover Passwords in Google Chrome

10. Reset Windows Password If You Have Lost Your Account

Some of the password tools above will set off a false alarm in your antivirus software. There’s no need to worry, these have all been tried before and they are safe to use.

If you ever get tired of forgetting passwords, take a look at some of the password manager programs and services we’ve talked about previously.

Mozilla Account Manager May Simplify Online Identity Management …

KeePassX: Open Source Password Manager

Synchronize And Store Passwords For Free Online

Did we miss any applications you need a password from? Let us know in the comments below.

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